Bench Press Max Calculator

Bench Press Max Calculator

In every fitness journey the physical battle can only be won once you’ve won the mental battle. Do you have it in you to kick your next set up a notch?

Check out our new calculator we had designed to help give you a little confidence booster when it comes to your one rep max. I used it to calculate my one rep max for bench presses recently and it was spot on.

[h3]Using the Calculator[/h3]

  1. Select one of the big three exercises (Bench Press, Deadlifts, Squats)
  2. Simply enter a weight that you can do 1 to 10 reps at
  3. Push “calculate”.

The calculator then spits out your one rep max.

Online Calculator

Feel free to share it with your fellow fit desk jockeys, and if you try it out I’d really appreciate if you’d check back in and let us know how accurate the calculator was for you.

Happy Lifting!


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