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Varidesk Adjustable Desk Review

The Varidesk Single, Pro, and Pro Plus model adjustable sit stand workstations are conveniently designed to sit on top of your existing desk while allowing you to work comfortably from either a sitting or standing position. With a quick squeeze of the spring-assisted handles, you can go from sitting to standing in just seconds.

In my opinion the Varidesk Pro is with out a doubt one of the best standing desk solutions on the market. It will perfectly fit in your work stations at home or at your day job and give you the boost to work more focused by giving you the freedom to sit and stand alternately while working. This product is specifically designed with ergonomics in mind, and as such, it can offer you relief from the hip pain that many people experience from being hunched over a desk all day. I mean let’s face it, in the name of convenience many companies approach their workstations with a one size fits all approach. Aches and pains are just something that comes with the territory, but not any more.

PROS: The dimensions of the Varidesk Pro are 36” x 23”, which means that it has a large enough surface to accommodate dual monitor work stations. It offers a presentable sturdy, stable design that can support up to 35 lbs. with ease. It has an easy and smooth adjustable height system up to 15.5” which allows a worker to sit and stand alternately while working. Item is fully assembled when delivered and comes with a free downloadable companion app for sit/stand alerts and calorie-burn counter. This product is ideal for office workers who sit during their entire work shift. It’s easy and smooth multi-level adjustment feature allows much flexibility that will enable you to alternately sit and stand while working.

CONS: The item is relatively heavy and requires a bit of effort to move. Some people have complained about issues with the placement of the keyboard and mouse, as well as their chords during adjustments for sitting/standing position. When standing, the keyboard and the mouse must be manually moved to the upper surface, which brings the user even closer to the monitors, and with 19”-24” and for dual monitors, which some users may find a bit too close for comfortable use. This means that the keyboard and mouse must be manually moved between the sitting and standing surfaces with each adjustment. Fortunately, if you are using wireless keyboard and mouse, this will not be a problem at all.

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The Varidesk adjustable workstations are real game changers in my eyes. Its ergonomic features can not only help you to become more efficient and productive in your work, but it can will also help you easing your neck, back, shoulder and leg pain. The item is fully assembled when delivered and comes with a free downloadable companion app for sit/stand alerts and calorie-burn counter.

The Skinny

Overall, this product is a reliable and efficient height-adjustable desk and will be an excellent addition to your daily work routine. It has enough space for your extended monitor, laptop, keyboard and mouse. Aside from being sturdy and professional looking, you will be amazed by its easy and smooth height adjustment system. For more information on standing workstations checkout our comprehensive standing desk guide.

It’s one of our most popular standing desk options, and we highly recommend it. Click the image below for more information.

Only have 1 monitor? Save some cha ching with the VARIDESK Single

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