FDJ 002: Women and Weightlifting with Suzanne

In this session of The Fit Desk Jockey Podcast I have the pleasure of talking with Suzanne from, a fitness writer, blogger, AND NASM certified personal trainer who loves lifting big heavy weights.

[h5]Suzanne and I chat about:[/h5]

  • Suzanne’s first steps from injury back into the world of fitness
  • How strength training helped her build far more than just muscle
  • How the real power of fitness can be found while doing day-to-day tasks
  • A few of the maddening myths of weightlifting
    • Girls shouldn’t lift weights
    • Girls should lifts light weights to tone
    • Weightlifting will make woman gain manlike muscles
  • How to choose a gym
  • When to time your gym visit if you’re self-conscious or intimidated
  • And MUCH more!

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