Metabolic Cooking Review and Recipes

family-eating-healthy-low-fat-lunchThe Metabolic Cooking cookbook is a wonderful comprehensive resource fat loss guide from Karine Losier and Dave Ruel. Many people believe that eating healthy has to mean eating small amounts of foods that taste like crap, but that’s simply not the case. The way to add some healthy to your cooking is to first admit that you CANNOT do it right now (admitting that you have a problem), and then take the time to learn how to cook the RIGHT way (doing something about it).

Meet The Authors

Known as the “Lean Kitchen Queen”, Karine has an intense passion for health, fitness, and food. Far more than a mere bubbly little chef, Karine has her master’s degree and psychology, and as such she understands the internal struggle surrounding food that plagues many people. Her specialty is motivating people to stick to their diets by sharing her with them her knowledge of great tasting dishes that are good for you too!

Karine herself has seen the power that healthy eating can have in a person’s life.

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Dave's Healthy CookingDave Ruel (aka “The Muscle Cook”) has experienced the power of healthy eating in his life as well, which has only fueled his passion for creating healthy recipes that taste amazing.

Other guides that fail to produce any real fat loss suffer primarily from three glaring issues.

  • They’re based around the wrong ingredients
  • The guides are confusing and have no real structure.
  • Many times you end up continuing to eat the wrong foods day after day.

The Metabolic Cooking guide that Karine and Dave have made available for us all takes the guess work out of health eating, saving both time and money.

Metabolic Cooking offers a TON of information including:

  • 10 simple nutritional commandments – Follow them to success.
  • Over 250 delicious and nutritious recipes – All designed to be quick and easy to prepare effectively using metabolic thermo-charged ingredients. That’s everything from smoothies, breakfast, snacks, sides, all types of meats, a metabolic salad builder guide, and even vegetarian tips and tricks
  • Learn how to create your own custom fat loss nutritional program
  • How to manage your kitchen efficiently and effectively, everything from meal prep tips and tricks, to getting the most bang for your buck at the cash register
  • Access to a TON of valuable private resources including shopping lists, and SO much more

Just click below for more information, including a 100% risk free 60 day trial!


One of my favorite breakfast recipes of theirs is their Apple Oatmeal Pancakes. Click the link to get it 100% for free, no opt-ins, no tricks.

Best Wishes!


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