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January 2011 Progress Update

Hello Fellow Fitness Freaks,

I realize it’s late, but I just couldn’t wait to share my first progress update for the new year. Speaking of that. Happy New Year to ALL of you! Are you all ready to rub elbows with the resolution crowd for the next couple of months?! I can hear you now “Yay!”. 🙂

My most recent results are below:

Stat Review

As you can see I only did the body fat testing for this update, but the results are looking spectacular in my own humble opinion. I’m currently down a respectable 4% body fat since I started the challenge, and I’m down 6% since I started tracking my body fat back in April of 2010 (Yes, I was once over 21%!).

In August/September 2010 I was 198 lbs, and of that weight 160 lbs was lean weight. Currently I’m a little over 193 lbs, and just a little over 164 lbs of that is lean weight. That means I’ve gained over 5 lbs of lean mass  in 4 months! Not too shabby for a guy that still pounds em down every now and again! 🙂

Fitness Routine Changes

My plan is to start a new 12 week routine that focuses intensely on building muscle mass. I’m probably going to limit my cardio to my off days, which is about 3 days/week. Going into summer besides getting even more lean, I really want to pack on the mass!

My diet continues  getting better each and every week. I’ve started to include ground flax seed in my rolled oats in the morning, and I’ve also started to mix in wild salmon fillets a few times a week to break up the chicken monotony. I love me some salmon! MMMMMMMM! At the recommendation of the book “The 4-Hour Body”,  since last month I’ve started pounding down a protein shake every morning within a 1/2 hour of waking up. It’s really made me feel more alert in the mornings, and also helps to curb my hunger. I feel like I’m getting hungry all the time, but it’s probably just as a result of kicking the training up a notch or two.

I’m going to be adding shiver walks to my routine as an extra experiment to test their ability to speed up fat loss. A video of my first shiver walk experience should be posted soon, which will be the site’s first video ever! There are already plans for countless more videos, so be sure to stay tuned.  Shiver walks are yet another idea I picked you from Tim Ferriss’ book “The 4-Hour Body”. For more on using thermodynamics to boost your body’s fat burning be sure to check out a recent post called “Use Thermodynamics to Lose Fat?” if you’ve not already done so.

I think that’s pretty much it for now. I see that more and more of you have been coming to the site, and that’s absolutely AWESOME! A BIG Fitness Freak welcome to all of you newbies, and a HUGE welcome back to all you faithful return visitors. I plan on rolling out quite a few enhancements to the website this year, so if you have any ideas of what you’d like to see please feel free to let me know! Now, let’s go show 2011what’s up!

Rock it!


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