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November 2010 Progress Update

Greetings Fellow Fitness Freaks!

It’s already been almost exactly 3 months since I started my fitness journey, so I thought it might be time to see if I’m making any progress. To be honest I was a little nervous. I knew deep down that if the results weren’t what I’d expected, I’d probably get a little down on myself, despite feeling incredibly more healthy and fit!

Well, I just got back from having my body fat analyzed and the results are in! For those interested for consistency I’ll be testing my body fat percentage using the same method as I did for the baseline measurements, which is via the Futrex Body Fat Fitness Computer fat tester. This fat tester uses near-infrared light to directly measure your body fat percentage at the midpoint of the bicep.

The results are:

My strength gains are pretty damn exciting! I’m really stoked to see how much stronger my legs are getting, because I’ve pretty much always neglected them in the past. I always figured they got enough exercise just walking around every day. Shame on you Matt! 🙂 I’m also happy to see that my heart rate decreased by 10 beats per minute following the step test. A healthy heart beats less because it’s stronger and more effective.  Thank you Spin class!

To be honest, I’m a little surprised that I’ve only lost 1% body fat since staring the journey. That being said, up until this point I really haven’t been monitoring my diet that much at all. I’ve basically just added daily glutamine and protein shakes.

Going forward I plan on doing a little less cardio, as well as focusing more on weight lifting. I also plan on monitoring my diet a little more actively in order to ensure that I’m not overeating, but also to help ensure that I’m eating enough of what my body needs.

More to come soon!

Best wishes,


Futrex 5000 /XL BodyFat Fitness Computer fat tester
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